to cherish the song

i sing my babies to sleep,
i always have.
i rock them,
singing melodies of worship,
moving with them and
watching them slowly melt
into me
as they drift off

someone told me with the first,
don't do it,
make sure you put them in their crib,
let them cry themselves to sleep...

and i thought,
is it for my own convenience
that i train them
in this way?
it has never been inconvenient
for me
to hold my babies,
to experience this moment,
i drink it in,
and i have found
each child goes to sleep on their own,
in their own time,
and i'm okay with that.

because in the meantime,
we embrace eachother,
we love,
we grow...

and as i sing moses to sleep,
almost nine months,
he has now joined in
with his own sweet melody,
and i sing,
and he sings with me,
daaaa daaaa daaaa,
eyes closed,
lovingly caressing my arm
with his chubby baby fingers,

and i think
i would never give this up
for the convenience
of his sleeping
on his own...

joining with ann, counting my gifts...

babies to hold, rock, sing to
being inconvenienced
my mama's carrot cake recipe, which i made for my husband's birthday
a house to move to at home
a very successful yard sale
my brother who graciously rented us a uhaul to move home
a God who is working all things out for us...


  1. Amy, I was told the same thing about letting the baby cry. I'm so glad my husband and I never did. Our grown son now rocks and sings his baby to sleep.

  2. The time with our babies goes so quickly . . . already I miss it with my almost-two-year-old. Enjoy that precious rocking time.

    Giving thanks with you today.

  3. yes, it is a sweet sweet thing to hold them close and tight and sing or sleep w/ them to sleep. all of my babes started off in my bed and i can't imagine doing it any other way even tho there came time for them to sleep in their own space.
    this makes me smile and think forward to when i'll get ot hold this newest one like that. mmmmm. good to hear you writing here again.

  4. I made carrot cake for my husband's birthday and it's on my list this week too! And, oh, I miss singing to my babies, kneeling by their beds and praying with them. Sing, girl, sing!

  5. Oh your list!
    Babies...I'd love to have another to hold and rock and sing to...still sing to my big babies.
    Thanks be to God!

  6. smart move,
    I never let the baby cry for long,
    they need solutions.
    thanks for the insightful post.

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