to breathe again

covered in dirt,
i can't find an opening to
it's consuming
and these desert winds thrash about
and continue to cover
with dirt

and i try to see through
the thick layers
my eyes
and i pretend that my
vision is clear
that i understand
why i am here
when really i am disappearing
behind a fog
of desert

when the dirt is just about
to clog my throat,
and i feel
a tightening,
as if i were about to choke,
i learn the dirt
is too much for us all,
and clear air,
ocean breeze,
familiar faces and landscape,
is desired unanimously
to wash this dirt away

but confusion sets in,
will He see things the same,
is home His mode of
freeing us from the
if He wants us to be covered,
and release us in another way,
will we be accepting?
and we have to realize that
His ways are perfect,
even when we
want to run,
thinking we are dying,
He knows best...

and then He does,
He works things out,
and we get to go home...
moving a thousand miles
in ten days,
thank You Jesus...

i'm already starting to breathe again,
breathe deep,
i can almost taste that
ocean air

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  1. Do not condemn me the feelings of envy for your return to the surroundings you love. I can relate to the feelings of oppression in current circumstances and pray for the same type of return to familiar in the near future. Godspeed.

    I'm here from Emily's Imperfect Prose, enjoying each link and inviting everyone to stop in for my contribution. I am #47 Hearten Soul, Communication.

  2. of course not sharon! praying for you and your circumstances.

  3. I love the Truth that we can only really appreciate the wonderful moments when we have known the difficult moments. Seeing the range of human emotions and spiritual experience is so worth it!

  4. I'm very happy for you, Amy! God bless.

  5. you get to go home! oh, he is good... he knows the desires of our hearts. i find such comfort in this tonight. the ocean air is healing... (beautiful post, friend)