To make memories of beauty

He drives for hours, 
through crying,
through laughing,
with sleeping,
and playing,
and breakdowns of car- exhausted children...


and times come when mama can't stand it,
hours away from anything like home ,
but just wanting to drop it all and leave the car 
and stay there...
who knows where...
make a life here because at least then we won't have to drive anymore...

and he smiles,
hugs her,
reminds her that it's okay when babies cry,
we'll get there eventually,
let's just enjoy here,

and he drives on...

and beauty appears around every turn...

and they stand in awe of the God who created...

when long-haired bookworm daughter finds blackberries,
when she gasps as "the most beautiful butterfly i have ever seen"
flies by her

when they are together,
experiencing His glory in His creation,

no longer making good timing on the cramped, two day drive,
but not caring either,
because instead they are making good memories...


and creation seems to scream out,
HE who made you made me,
He who loves you crafted me for you,
so you can see beauty,
get a taste of the beauty that He is,
drink me in,
breathe me in, 
I am real...


  1. i'm glad you're back, and that beauty screams its creator. i have not traveled w/ my whole family so i imagine there's a lot that's NOT said here, but i hope you guys had a fabulous time, amy!

  2. God shines through our men, doesn't he? your love shines through this post, friend. xo

    ps. you should join me for imperfect prose. :)

  3. PERFECT! These picturees are so precious! I love your writing style and enjoy your posts so much!