to chronicle a day...

*a bit different from my typical prose, but i have been asked by various people about our homeschool, and so i will share here about our day...*

three children formally schooling,
three littles roaming the floor at our feet...

we have found our niche and a way of life
using the charlotte mason method,
and the ambleside online curriculum.

our eldest is in the second term of year 9,
thoroughly  convinced he knows more than most people,
due to the depth of the books he is reading
while dear 8 year old bookworm daughter is in the second term of year 2,
though she would devour the books rapidly  and already be
through year 12,
if she had it her way
sensitive artist child, 6, has just begun term 1 of year 1,
and pleads to read An Island Story,
and nothing but,
day in and day out...

our days begin before the sun rises,
the three littlest and i awaken
while daddy is getting ready for work...

i make his lunch
while littles play
and he enjoys the early morning fun of
his youngest children.

kisses goodbye from daddy/husband,
cereal poured for twins
(horrible, awful cereal, yes, shhh...,
i feed it to my children, and sometimes even...
to myself...)

meals are typically shared together
around the table where we make memories,
i have yet to organize that first meal of the day,
it is a wild free for all,
eat what and when you want,
as long as you do it by 7:30...

mama sips on that delicious brew known as coffee
(otherwise known as christian crack,  oops, did i say that?),
and drinks in God's word,
strength for the day,
until little big man gets grumpy,
and i nurse him,
love flowing from me to him,
and he drifts off to his sleepy land,
all before the eldest three
arise by 7:00...

breakfast is eaten,
children are groomed and dressed,
although the three year old twins occasionally lose their clothes,
dishes are done,
house is clean,
and 8:00 comes before we know it...

15 year old reads his Bible,
while i attempt to get everyone else settled...

ideally i begin circle time with 8, 6, and on a good day,
3 year olds
now, but,
let's be honest,
that doesn't happen very often.

bookworm daughter does her cursive,
fifteen year old finishes Bible,
moves quickly into
language arts...

sensitive artist child
has copywork,
and then draws a picture
that corresponds,

all while twins are playing...
"reading" books...

somewhere in that time,
circle time begins...
bible reading,
memory work,
artist study,
composer study,

we get it done, somehow,
and the children love it,
though interruptions are very, very frequent.

we have made it to lunch time!
and what a wonderful time it is...
eldest or i make it,
we all eat it,
twins go down for a nap,
while baby is snoozing in another of his own.

our ambleside reading begins...
for the eldest,
his selections include a tale of two cities, the english constitution, common sense,
churchill's history of the english speaking peoples, essay on man, the god who is there,
among many delightful others
bookworm daughter is taken to another place
with her books,
an island story, this country of ours, the little duke, the wind in the willows,
tree in the trail, beautiful stories from shakespeare
those are just a taste
while young artist
listens intently to me read
an island story, paddle to the sea, just so stories, aesop's fables, fifty famous stories retold,
and more...

15 and 8 year old read on their own,
6 year old reads to me from the 2nd mcguffey's reader,
and then i read his ambleside readings to him
and, of course, he narrates...
8 year old narrates all to me,
though she occasionally writes or draws...

15 year old narrates one reading orally,
then he has three written narrations,
one summary,
one creative,
one notes...

he has a specific essay to write once a week,
and latin twice a week...

now we arrive at around 2:30,
all sleepers are awake,
we tidy up loose ends of our lessons,
chores are done,
free time is upon us...

outside play,
nature study,
outside, outside, not in...
except occasionally in...

dinner is made,
we eat,
get ready for bed,
we read,
watch an occasional show or movie,
read to the kids,
some nights we have family Bible studies,
some we have guests,
we take night walks,
we love to watch the sunset,

it's chaotic, yet peaceful,
totally unpredictable,
and totally relaxing...

and i must add that all this is done
with loads of interruptions from the three littles...
and we all happily take turns playing,
and helping them...

and that's about all,
dinner's about ready to come out of the oven,
night is about ready to fall,
children are soon to be called indoors
and tonight's activity is a trip to grandma's...


  1. That is a great poem-picture of a day, Amy. :)

  2. i'm also glad you posted your day! it seems less daunting written out all casually and poetically. :) i keep telling myself one day at a time, that's all.

  3. So thrilled to have found this blog! I loved taking a peek into your day! We did ambleside last year and really loved it, I panicked though this year with three kiddos and have been doing more of the unschooling approach but I feel Miss Mason's way is ideal!

  4. if only my bookshelves were that neat! i love charlotte mason myself, though i'm not that great at the nature studies, art & music, etc. i hope that the amount of time my children play outside and the music i have playing is enough for now :) you are a wonderful mom and your family is so blessed by you!

  5. HI Amy,
    Great to find another mama of a larger family.
    I had to smile about 'let's be honest' in regards to your 3yr olds, oh I so get it. You are doing better than I though, I rarely get to my poor 6yr old these days too:(

  6. Lovely, that. It is all too familiar to me!


  7. Why don't all parents homeschool.

    How could it get any better than this?

    Thanks for your sharing,

  8. I just discovered your blog through the Charlotte Mason blog carnival. I love your post, and the picture of your twins wearing each others mismatched boots. :)

  9. Very encouraging! Thank you for being so open and candid. I only have 3 kiddos so this really helps me. God bless your HS journey!