to celebrate life

Drenched in God's love by the news
the day we learned I would carry His child,
that He chose us to cherish,
a new one, at the time the fourth...

And he looked at me with devotion,
the woman carrying his baby,
another life to fill his,
another child...

weeks flew by,
and he pampered me
and smiled when he saw me,
and rubbed my stomach which was soon to swell with love,
holding hands as if it were the first,
we walked into the doctor's office,
in awe of the journey ahead of us...

they performed an ultrasound as a pregnancy confirmation,
and i wasn't going to complain,
any chance to see the life growing within,
no matter how small,
even just the blinking dot our baby was then,
in the first weeks of life...

"there's a heart, do you see dot's baby's heartbeat."

and we stared at the dot,
the precious dot,
thanking God for the dot,
our baby...

and in silence came fear...
"do you see what I see?"

I answer quickly,
"I see the heart"

now directed towards my husband,
"do you see what I see?"

and his response,
"I don't know, what do you see?"

"Two heartbeats."

and my husband quickly asks,
"my baby has two hearts?"

and then it slowly dawns on me...

two of them,
precious, beautiful girls,
Ruth Annabelle
Hannah Bee
born September 28, 2007

they are such a light in our lives,
thank You Jesus...

107 our twins turning three!

108 the joy they bring us

109 the patience we have learned because of them

110 leaves beginning to change

111 chili, corn bread and apple pie... my favorite things to make in autumn

112 God's sovereignty

113 the hope of a possible move

114 the kindness of strangers

joining with ann, counting my gifts...

holy experience


  1. Beautiful Blessings! Thank you for sharing :-) Love, Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

  2. This is beautiful. I never will forget when our daughter called to tell me she as expecting twins. It was so exciting. Baby A and Baby B turned out to be identical girls, Hannah and Alexis.
    They were adorable and still are at age 6.

  3. Found you at Ann's ...Love your gratefulness for the kindness of strangers ... I don't know the story behind it but kindness is especailly meaningful from strangers ...

  4. hi amy! so nice to hear you over here again!!! maybe life is settling down a bit? your girls are precious (and i love their middle names!)-and 3! my sis is pregnant w/ twins right now. she just got put on bedrest for the duration, which may not be very long.. so she's relying a lot on the kindness of strangers these days.
    many hugs to you and yours!