To sigh

Scrambling for something to write, for words to speak my heart,
unable to think after this weekend which emotionally did me in...

and I just cannot put words down
creating, writing, the last thing on my mind,
though I sit and ponder
and try to bring flow, try to bring beauty, try to bring thought
to you today...

nothing but mush...
but I know I can count...
and maybe it will help...

101 little princess on my lap, wanting nothing but mama
102 the smile baby gives mama
103 sounds of joy ringing throughout my house
104 knowing everything will pass,
105 knowing He is in control
106 today

holy experience


  1. Smiles from a little one are a tremendous blessing. May your day be filled with joys abundant.

  2. Jodi,
    I am good, just been overwhelmed by so much life. But we move forward. Just don't have much to give today. thank you.

  3. sometimes when we just dont have anything to good, the only thing we can do is count. i know days that are hard b/cs of little hands touching and taking and everyone/thing needing, and i wonder if that's what's tiring you, but all the same, i'm glad you counted, b/cs your list is full of blessings.