To make lemonade

Words swirl around in my head with nowhere to rest, to land.
Endless ideas and thoughts that want to burst forth
and my mind, my heart and my language
just cannot find the way to express them.

My heart is sugar,
my mind water
and my words are lemons,
in three separate containers,
incapable of meeting to make lemonade...

alone my heart is sweet,
my mind refreshing
but my words are sour,
thus the sweet and refreshing are hidden away inside
while I pour out sour drinks
to the thirsty who listen...

and their thirst is not quenched,
and my words are useless...

What then?
Do I refrain from speaking, writing and using words
for fear of giving a dose of raw lemon
to my listeners?
When my listeners are my children,
how much lemon can they handle?
When they are you, my friends,
how much lemon will you put up with?

Or do I desperately search for a way
to reconcile this sugar, water and lemon,
to give sweet lemonade to my
precious children,
my encouraging friends?

1 comment:

  1. may he be the pitcher in which to stir this sweet lemonade, sister...