To not meet ann voskamp

Tucking myself into bed, I found myself whispering her words.  "Slow down.  There are few emergencies."

The day had been too much for me, I had failed in so many ways, and tears were falling on my pillow as I tried to sleep.  Ann's words kept coming back to me, and I found myself crying out to God, "Help me Lord.  Help me slow down.  There is no emergency.  Help me relax." 

Eyes getting heavy, the words still on my lips...

And then someone is tugging on my arm, pulling me out of bed.  I am sure it's a child, but I just can't wake up... and then I see her.  The mama of six, the farmer's wife, the one who writes daily words which touch my soul.  She is trying to get me out of bed. 

I rise, and she runs, and I run alongside her.  I hear her whispering, and her whispers are prayers, and her prayers are for me. 

And then we are no longer in my house, we are now at the beach.  Still running, still praying.  She is so fast, I can hardly keep up. 

A wave is coming.  An enormous wave, and I see ducks.  The wave engulfs me and washes me out to see while she keeps running on the beach.  Now I am swimming in the ocean, alongside the ducks. 

The writer of beautiful words stops, sees me and pulls out of her pocket.... of course, a fishing pole.  She casts her line, it hooks me, though without pain, and she reels me in.

Now I hear a voice, "I have to go pee pee."  Can't find where it's coming from.  "I have to go pee pee."  My eyes open, and a precious two year old is standing by the side of my bed.  As I take her potty, I am confused, thrilled, and a bit intrigued by my dream I just woke from.  Oddly enough though, I am in such peace.  No more sadness.

I wondered whether I would ever tell this dream.  It was a  bit strange.  Then I saw this writing assignment at High Calling blogs, and read this beautiful post, and decided it was the perfect time to tell about not really meeting Ann Voskamp.


  1. Very interesting! I am glad you awoke with peace. It seems like the lord was speaking to you through your dream, what a wonderful Father He is!

  2. What a lovely dream--I love how you've trusted us with it and included it in the You Are Real project! It shows how our words and stories are impacting each other in important ways.

    Ann V. is so intently and intensely in tune with the Lord that she also seems very in tune with His people, ministering to them through words. If this dream-scene were in fact real, I can totally imagine her walking with you to a place of peace (not sure about the magical fishing pole--aren't dreams a curious thing?).

    Sometimes we need a sister to remind us of truth, and her words express the heart of a faithful servant of the Lord.

    Christ is the One who actually brings us to places of peace (He is our peace)...but sometimes a person gets the honor of being a message-bearer.

    I hope Ann V. sees this and stops by. Then you'll kind of meet her here in the comments....

  3. It's easy to understand how Ann is a positive influence in your life, and in your dreams. The High Calling Blogs community is filled with so many amazing people. Throughout the day and night (though not in dreams - at least not yet) I find myself thinking of specific folks and the things they've written. Cool stuff, and a great tie in to the "You are real" project.

  4. smiling...i'm so glad you shared this. it was beautiful (and i can totally identify with the pee-pee part!). i confess i've had ann dreams, as well. she opens my eyes to His wonderful ways every day.

    and now i've met you!
    blessed to journey together,

  5. i so enjoyed this from the HCB described the moments right before falling asleep so well..we all feel it at times ...blessings

  6. Lovely...dreams and reality overlap. C.S.Lewis reminds us that we live in the Shadowlands.

    I too, have not met Ann, nor you, but I am blessed by your writing. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Loved your post! I believe God uses dreams as well as the timely words of other people to speak to us. Thank you for sharing your story.

  8. Coming over from HCB. Love your dream...and I dream of meeting Ann Voskamp in person, too! Blessed to meet you here, too...

  9. Can I blush hard, stick out my hand and whisper it happy?

    "Nice to meet you, beautiful Amy!"

    I have grand kids who whisper those kinds of things in the night too... and I hit the pillow so many days with your prayer on my lips, Amy. "Help me, Lord. Please Help me."

    I make a mess of so many things.

    Isn't grace the most exquisite of all?

    I humbly, sincerely thank you for yours, Amy.

    You radiate here in this place... loving so well.
    That is the only emergency. You rise to it.

    Yours, messy and grace-bathed....

  10. The places where we meet will never been seen with the human eye.. but running free in the Spirit.

    And one fine day.. we all meet.. and togethetr worship our glorious King!