Love and thanks

It was his day.  The day we celebrate him and his special God given role.

Daddy.  This word he loves beyond any other.  This name he is called which he thanks God for.

Plans were made.  We would do what he wanted, eat what he wanted.  He would relax, enjoy his family and know how much we loved him.

Then came the days of sickness prior to daddy's special day.  Young children with fevers and coughs, sweet baby fussing and trying to nurse.

I hoped it would end by his day.  I hoped we would wake to a bright, sunny day, everyone healthy and joyful.

It was his day.  He spent it holding sick kiddos, taking care of fevers and sore throats while I rocked and nursed sick baby.

Never a complaint, never a frown... he was a daddy, loving and caring for his kids, helping his wife.

We told him happy father's day... he smiled, hugged his children, and kept on taking care of them.

Once all the babes were tucked in their beds, sleeping their sickness away, we crawled into our own, exhausted from the day which should have been restful.  I apologized to him for his father's day.  He smiled and told me it was wonderful, that he had a day of children and hugs, just what he wanted.

As another sick (but almost better) day is upon us, I am thankful for the many things I as a mama have to care for my sick littles...

#17 old, wooden rocker to rock my babes

#18 a husband who is happy to take care of his children

#19 soft music to soothe fussy ones

#20 candles for a dose of light

#21 blankets and quilts to warm those chilly bodies under

#22 piles of books to read to young ones

#23 sweet, delicious coffee to drink after a lack of sleep

#24 the ability to nurse dear baby, the best comforter he could have

#25 naps

#26 getting better, little by little

#27 a wonderful father for my children

#28 my own great fathers

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