Beginning a gratitude count

I have long wanted to join Ann's gratitude community and participate in her day of giving thanks.  Children, husband, life is a priority though, and the time had not yet come.  This morning when I read this, tears coming to my eyes, I made the time...

time to begin my list of thanksgiving.
time to look at my life and count my fish.
time to see how, in the midst of different trials, God has blessed me with more than I could ever count...
time to be aware of it.

Beginning with the simple, the obvious, the beautiful...

#1 Jesus and His saving grace
#2 My amazing husband

#3 Ian

#4 Layla

#5 Josiah

#6 Ruth

#7 Hannah

#8 Moses

#9 The planting of new life

#10 Symbols of HOPE
#11 A best friend, a sister

#12 A house made into a home

#13 The ability to read God's word

#14 a kiss from the love of my life first thing in the morning

#15 children who love all things created and do not shy away from worms, bugs and spiders

#16 those who understand...

Please join Ann's gratitude community, and count along.

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